"Trane was the Father, Pharoah was the Son, I am the Holy Ghost." ( Albert Ayler: Holy Ghost)

Born Farrell Sanders (October 13, 1940) in Little Rock, Arkansas, he began his career playing tenor saxophone in Oakland, California.
He moved to New York City in 1962. He received his nickname "Pharoah" from Sun Ra who gave him a place to stay and gradually worked him into the band.
In 1965, he joined the Coltrane's band adopting the avant-garde jazz of Albert Ayler, Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor.

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alternate discography and informations
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Pharoah Sanders discography 1964

CD -  Pharoah Sanders Quintet, NYC 10.09.1964

Pharoah Sanders ts
Stan Foster tp
Jane Getz p
William Bennett b
Marvin Pattillo perc

1. Seven by Seven (Sanders) - 26:25
2. Bethera (Sanders) - 23:44

Issued as Pharoah's First ESP 1003

CD -  SUN RA and His Arkestra Featuring Pharoah Sanders and Black Harold , Live in NYC, Cellar Cafe, 31.12.1964

Hand drawn cover of Gods on Safari


1.Gods on a Safari (Ra)
2.The World Shadow (incl. Rocket Number 9) (Ra)
3.The Voice of Pan (Ra)
4.Dawn over Israel (incl. Space Mates) (Ra)

1. Cosmic Interpretation 1:57
2. The Other World 19:52
3. The Second Stop is Jupiter 2:19
4. The Now Tomorrow 9:56
5. Discipline 9 11:31
6. Gods on a Safari 2:56
7. The World Shadow 7:09
8. Rocket Number 9 3:57
9. The Voice of Pan 5:17
10. Dawn Over Israel 3:53
11. Space Mates 2:49

Sun Ra p, e-celeste,
Al Evans tp, flg
Chris Capers tp
Teddy Nance tb
Bernard Pettaway tb
Robert Northern frh
Marshall Allen as, fl
Danny Davis as, fl
Robert Cummings bcl
Pat Patrick bs
Pharoah Sanders ts
Black Harold fl
Alan Silva b, cello
Clifford Jarvis dr
Art Jenkins space voice

Issued as: Sun Ra and His Arkestra Featuring Pharoah Sanders and Black Harold - Gods on Safari, Saturn IHNY 165

Pharoah Sanders discography 1965


1. Chappaqua Suite, Pt. 1 (Coleman) 21:06
2. Chappaqua Suite, Pt. 2 (Coleman) 18:41
3. Chappaqua Suite, Pt. 3 (Coleman) 17:36
4. Chappaqua Suite, Pt. 4 (Coleman) 21:48

Ornette Coleman as
Pharoah Sanders ts
David Izenzon b
Charles Moffett dr
eleven studio musicians


CD - THE MAJOR WORKS OF JOHN COLTRANE, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 28.06.1965

1.Ascension - Edition I (Coltrane) 38:37
2.Ascension - Edition II (Coltrane) 40:31

John Coltrane ts
Archie Shepp ts
Pharoah Sanders ts
John Tchcai as
Marion Brown as
Freddie Hubbard tp
Dewey Johnson tp
McCoy Tyner p
Jimmy Garrison b
Art Davis b
Elvin Jones dr

Issued as JOHN COLTRANE - ASCENSION - Impulse 314 543 413 2 (last reissue)


Seattle, The Penthouse, 30.09.1965

1.Unknown title (Coltrane) 29:54 (FM transmission)
2.Cosmos (Coltrane) 10:49
3.Out of this World (Arlen-Mercer) 24:20
4.Body and Soul (Green-Eyton-Heyman-Sour) 21:03
5.Tapestry in Sound (Garrison) 6:07
6.Evolution (Coltrane) 36:10
7.Afro-Blue (Santamaria) 52:15
8.Lush Life (Ellington-Strayhorn) +
9.My Favorite Things (Rodgers-Hammerstein) incomplete 20:00

Tapestry in Sound is a bass solo by Garrison

John Coltrane ts, ss
Pharoah Sanders ts
McCoy Tyner p
Donald Rafael Garrett bcl, b
Jimmy Garrison b
Elvin Jones dr

2 - 7 issued on JOHN COLTRANE - LIVE IN SEATLE - Impulse GRD-2-146
1 on private tape with 2 announcements
7 - balance of the incomplete issue on impulse - 18 min (the impulse issue = 34:15) - private tape
8,9 - private tape

There are also bass duets, another bass solo and thumb piano piece on private tapes from this concert - all of course without Pharoah)

LP - JOHN COLTRANE - OM, Lynwood, 01.10.1965

1.Om (Coltrane) 28:49

John Coltrane ts
Pharoah Sanders ts, pers
Joe Brazil fl, perc
Donald Garrett bcl, b, perc
McCoy Tyner p
Jimmy Garrison b
Elvin Jones dr

Issued as JOHN COLTRANE - OM - Impulse MCAD-39118 , MVCI-23061 (Japan) (divided into two parts)

LP - JOHN COLTRANE - KULU SE MAMA, Los Angeles, 14.10.1965

1.Kulu Se Mama (J.Lewis) 18:57
2.Selflessness (Coltrane) 15:09

John Coltrane ts
Pharoah Sanders ts
Donald Garrett bcl, b
McCoy Tyner p
Jimmy Garrison b
Frank Butler dr, perc
Elvin Jones dr
Juno Lewis perc, voc

Recently reissued on JOHN COLTRANE - KULU SE MAMA - Impulse 314 543 412 2

1 also on JOHN COLTRANE - KULU SE MAMA - Impulse 254 641-2
2 also on JOHN COLTRANE - SELFLESSNESS - Impulse 254 629-2

John Coltrane Sextet, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 23.11.1965

1. The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost (Coltrane)/Compassion (Coltrane) 19:45
2.Love/Consequences/Serenity (Coltrane) 20:54

John Coltrane ts
Pharoah Sanders ts
McCoy Tyner p
Jimmy Garrison b
Elvin Jones dr
Rashied Ali dr

Issued as JOHN COLTRANE - MEDITATIONS - Impulse IMP-199, MCAD-39139, MVCI-23062 (Japan)

Pharoah Sanders discography 1966

JOHN COLTRANE - COSMIC MUSIC, Coast Recorders, San Francisco, 2.02.1966

1.Manifestation (Coltrane) 11:38
2.Reverend King (Coltrane) 11:02
3.Peace on Earth (Coltrane) 7:08/8:31*
4.Leo (Coltrane) 10:05

*7:08 without strings on JUPITER VARIATION
8:31 with strings on INFINITY

John Coltrane ts, bcl, voc
Pharoah Sanders ts, fl, picc, tamb, voc
Alice Coltrane p
Jimmy Garrison b
Rashied Ali dr
Ray Appleton perc

1, 2 - JOHN COLTRANE - COSMIC MUSIC - Impulse MVCI-23095 (jap.) , AS-9418 (lp)
3, 4 - JOHN COLTRANE - INFINITY - Impulse MVCJ-19159(jap), AS-9225 (lp) with addition of:
Charlie Haden replaces bass of Garrison +
Alice Coltrane org, harp, vib, tympani,
Rashied Ali perc, strings,
Ray Appleton strings
added on April 16 and 17 1972 at Village Recorders, Los Angeles

3 (without strings added) - JOHN COLTRANE - THE MASTERY OF JOHN COLTRANE vol.4 - JUPITER VARIATION - Impulse MCAD29031



1.Naima (Coltrane) 15:08
2.Introduction to My Favorite Things 6:07
3.My Favorite Things (Rodgers-Hammerstein) 20:21

John Coltrane ts, ss, bcl
Pharoah Sanders ts, fl
Alice Coltrane p
Jimmy Garrison b
Rashied Ali dr
Emanuel Rahim perc

JOHN COLTRANE - LIVE AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARD AGAIN - Impulse 12132, Impulse 254 647-2, MVCI-23018 (jap)

JOHN COLTRANE - LIVE IN JAPAN, 11.07.1966, Tokio, Shinjuku Kosei Nenkin Hall

John Coltrane ts, as, ss, perc
Pharoah Sanders ts, as, bcl, perc
Alice Coltrane p
Jimmy Garrison b
Rashied Ali dr

1.Afro Blue (M. Santamaria) 38:49
2.Peace on Earth (J. Coltrane) 26:24
3.Crescent (J. Coltrane) 54:34

JOHN COLTRANE - LIVE IN JAPAN - Impulse GRD-4-102, MVCI-23019-23022, 254 602-2, YB 8508, 8509, 8510 (LP)

LP - JOHN COLTRANE - LIVE IN JAPAN, 22.07.1966, Tokio, Sankei Hall

John Coltrane ts, as, ss, perc
Pharoah Sanders ts, as, bcl, perc
Alice Coltrane p
Jimmy Garrison b
Rashied Ali dr

1.Peace on Earth (J. Coltrane) 25:04
2.Leo (J. Coltrane) 44:51
3.My Favorite Things (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein II) 57:19

JOHN COLTRANE - LIVE IN JAPAN - Impulse GRD-4-102, MVCI-23019-23022, 254 610-2, AS-9246-2 (LP)


1.Symphony for Improvisers 19:43
a.Symphony for Improvisers(Cherry)
b. Nu Creative Love (Cherry)
c. What's Not Serious (Cherry)
d. Infant Happiness (Cherry)
2.Manhattan Cry 19:30
a.Manhattan Cry Cherry)
b. Lunatic (Cherry)
c. Sparkle Plenty (Cherry)
d. Om Nu (Cherry)

Don Cherry cor
Gato Barbieri ts
Pharoah Sanders ts, picc
Karl Berger vib, p
Henry Grimes b
Jenny Clark b
Ed Blackwell dr


LP - Don Cherry Where Is Brooklyn?, NYC, 11.11.1966

1. Awake Nu (Cherry) 6:52
2. Taste Maker (Cherry) 6:45
3. Thing (Cherry) 5:48
4. There Is the Bomb (Cherry) 4:49
5. Unite (Cherry) 17:45

Don Cherry cor
Pharoah Sanders ts, picc
Henry Grimes b
Ed Blackwell dr

Don Cherry - Where Is Brooklyn? - Blue Note 84311 (lp)

LP & CD - PHAROAH SANDERS - TAUHID, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 15.11.1966

1.Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt (Sanders) 16:12
2.Japan (Sanders) 3:22
3.Aum/Venus/Capricorn Rising (Sanders) 14:46

Pgaroah Sanders ts, as, picc, voice
Sonny Sharrock g
Dave Burrell p
Henry Grimes b
Roger Blank dr
Nat Bettis perc

PHAROAH SANDERS - TAUHID - Impulse A-9138 - GRD-129

Pharoah Sanders discography 1967

Olatunji Center for African Culture, 23.04.1967

Set 1:

1.Introduction by Billy Taylor 0:35
2.Ogunde (Coltrane) 28:25
3.My Favorite Things (Rodgers-Hammerstein) 34:38

Set 2:

4.Tunji (Coltrane)
5.Acknowledgement (Coltrane)

John Coltrane ts, ss
Pharoah Sanders ts
Alice Coltrane p
Jimmy Garrison b
Rashied Ali dr
Algie DeWitt bata dr
Juma perc dr Billy Taylor ann


Excerpts of 2
- JOHN COLTRANE - THE LAST GIANT - Rhino R2 71255 - 1:30 (good quality)
- SACRED SOURCES 1 - LIVE FOREVER - Guts & Grace/Cohiba 697 124 004-2 - 5:27

David Wild says in his Trane discography that most probably only the first set was recorded

JOHN COLTRANE - EXPRESSION, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Spring 1967

1.To Be (Coltrane) 16:20

Pharoah sanders picc, fl
John Coltrane fl, ts
Alice Coltrane p
Jimmy Garrison b
Rashied Ali dr

on JOHN COLTRANE - EXPRESSION - Impulse GRD-131, MVCI-22023 (jap)

According to David Wild there is a slight evidence that To Be was recorded at May, 17

Pharoah Sanders discography 1968

CD box - Albert Ayler Holy Ghost

(cd6) 5. Venus/Upper and lower Egypt (Pharoah Sanders) 22:59

Pharoah Sanders ts
Albert Ayler ts
Chris Capers tr
Sirone b
Roger Blank dr
rest unknown
Pharoah Sanders, january 21, 1968 at the Renaissance Ballroom in Harlem (New York City)

recorded for Jihad LP 1003, Black renaissance, planned but never released.

Issued on Albert Ayler Holy Ghost, 9CD Spirit Box (Track 5 on disc 6)


Michael Mantler comp, cond
Stephen Furtado flh
Lloyd Michels flh
Bob Northern frh
Julius Watkins frh
Jimmy Knepper tb
Jack Jeffers btb
Howard Johnson tu
Bob Donovan as
Frank Wess as
Lew Tabackin ts
George Barrow ts
Pharoah Sanders ts
Steve Marcus ss
Al Gibbons ss
Charles Davis bars
Carla Bley p
Ron Carter b
Charlie Haden b
Reggie Workman b
Eddie Gomez b
Steve Swallow b
Beaver Harris dr

1. Preview (Mantler) 3:29

Pharoah doesn't play on other track of this album


CD - ALICE COLTRANE - A MONASTIC TRIO, 29.01.1968, Coltrane Studio, Dix Hills, New York

Alice Coltrane p
Pharoah Sanders ts, fl, bcl
Jimmy Garrison b
Ben Riley dr
John Coltrane voice 2

1.Lord, Help Me to Be (A. Coltrane) 7:30
2.The Sun (A. Coltrane) 4:01
3.Ohnedaruth (A. Coltrane) 7:49


Pharoah doesn't play on the other selections of this title Tracks 1 and 2 also on ALICE AND JOHN COLTRANE - COSMIC MUSIC Impulse MVCI-23095 (jap.) , AS-9418 (lp)


Dave Burrell p, arr
Sunny Murray dr
Sirone b
Bobby Kapp dr
Pharoah Sanders tamb

1. West Side Story Medley (Bernstein) 19:35
2. Oozi Oozi (Burrell) 3:07
3. Bittersweet Reminiscence (Burrell) 2:10
4. Bobby and Si (Burrell) 2:10
5. Dave Blue (Burrell) 2:35
6. Margie Pargie (Burrell) 2:58
7. East Side Colors (Burrell) 15:15
8. Theme Stream (Burrell) 15:23

DAVE BURRELL - HIGH WON, HIGH TWO - Black Lion 760 206

LP - GARY BARTZ - ANOTHER EARTH, 19.06.1968, Plaza Sound Studios, NYC

Gary Bartz as
Charles Tolliver tp
Pharoah Sanders ts
Stanley Cowell p
Reggie Workman b
Freddie Waits dr

1.Another Earth (Bartz) 23:46


Pharoah does not play on the other titles of this album

2 LPs -  The Latin Jazz Quintet - Oh! Pharoah Speak, probably the late 60's.
Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders with Latin Jazz Quintet

Virgil Jones tp, flh
Bill Ellington b
Jerry Patterson elg
Tommy Derrick perc
Juan Amalbert perc
Pharoah Sanders ts
Melvin Lastie cor
Lonnie Hillyer tp
Jack Jeffers tb
Kiane Zawadi tb
Harold Vick ts
Hugh Brody ss
Chuck Rainey elb
Alex Lane b
Cornell Dupree elg
Stanley Johnson p
George Gould p
Ray Armando perc
John Griggs perc
Ray Lucas perc
Earl Williams perc
Pete Jackson perc

1.The Dues Payer
3.Midnight Montuno
4.Treasure of Sierra Madre(1)
5.Shake a Lady (1)
7.P's and Q's
8.Oh! Pharoah Speak
      (1) Oh! Pharoah Speak only

Released as The Latin Jazz Quintet - Oh! Pharoah Speak - Trip TLP-8008

There is another issue of this record with only 6 songs - Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders with Latin Jazz Quintet - Upfront 150

The exact date is unknown. The Latin Jazz Quintet with Juan Amalbert as a leader is the same Latin Jazz Quintet that recorded 2 dates with Dolphy in the beginning of the 60s. And this sound!! It's a very large quintet, of course.


Pharoah Sanders discography 1969

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - IZIPHO ZAM (MY GIFTS), TownSound Studios, Englewood , New Jersey, 14.01.1969

Net Bettis perc
Chief Bey africcan dr
Sonny Fortune as
Billy Hart dr
Howard Johnson tu
Cecil McBee b
Pharoah Sanders ts, perc
Majeed Shabazz dr
Sonny Sharrock g
Sirone (Norris Jones) b
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Leon Thomas voc, perc
Tony Wylie perc

1.Prince of Peace (Sanders) 8:52
2.Balance (Sanders) 12:42
3.Izipho Zam (Sanders) 28:52

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - IZIPHO ZAM (MY GIFTS) - Strata East SECD 9022 (Bellaphon 660-51-018), Charly CDGR 226

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - KARMA, RCA Studios, NYC, 14 and 19.02.1969

Pharoah Sanders ts - 1,2
Leon Thomas voc, perc - 1,2
James Spaulding fl - 1
Julius Watkins frh - 1,2
Lonnie Liston Smith, Jr. P - 1,2
Richard Davis b - 1
Reggie Workman b - 1,2
Ron Carter b - 2
Billy Hart dr - 1
Nathaniel Bettis perc - 1
Freddie Waits perc - 2

1.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thomas) 32:45
2.Colors (Sanders-Thomas) 5:37

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - KARMA - Impulse A-9181 / IMPD 153

LP -  PHAROAH SANDERS - JEWELS OF THOUGHT, Plaza Sound Studios, NYC, 20.10.1969

Pharoah Sanders ts, contrabass cl, reed fl, african thumb piano, orchestra chimes, perc
Leon Thomas voc, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p, African fl, african thumb piano, perc
Cecil McBee b, perc
Richard Davis b, perc (only on Sun in Aquarius)
Idris Muhammad dr, perc
Roy Haynes dr (only on Sun in Aquarius)

The Session:

1.Sun in Aquarius (Sanders-Smith) (first take - false start)
2.Sun in Aquarius (Sanders-Smith) (second take) 30:30
3.Sun in Aquarius (Sanders-Smith) (third take - master) 28:06
4.Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah (Sanders/Smith/Thomas) 15:04

On the record JEWELS OF THOUGHT there is a reverse order:

1.Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah (Sanders/Smith/Thomas) 15:04
2.Sun in Aquarius (Sanders-Smith) 27:51

Informations of this session by courtesy of Ed Michael

Released on PHAROAH SANDERS - JEWELS OF THOUGHT - Impulse AS 9190, IMPD 247 (for CD)


Leon Thomas voc, perc, afican wood fl on 3 and 4
James Spaulding as, fl
Little Rock aka Pharoah Sanders ts on 3, 6, 8, 9
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Richard Davis b
Cecil McBee b
Roy Haynes dr
Richard Landrum bongos

1.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace) (Sanders/Thomas) 4:24
2.One (Thomas) 3:10
3.Echoes (Thomas) 5:40
4.Song for My Father (H.Silver-E. May Shashoyan) 5:20
5.Damn Nam (Ain't Going to Vietnam) (L.Thomas) 4:46
6.Malcolm's Gone (P.Sanders) 8:45
7.Let the Rain Fall on Me (A.Bell) 5:28
8.Um, Um, Um (Thomas) 5:18
9.A Night in Tunisisa (Gillespie) 8:14

1 - 7 - released as LEON THOMAS - SPIRITS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN - Flying Dutchman 115

All released on RCA VICTOR Gold Series 09026638762

On the CD edition besides of the tracks 8 and 9 is included a pilot session of Leon Thomas for RCA from 1958

Pharoah Sanders discography 1970

CD -  ALICE COLTRANE - PTAH, THE EL DAOUD, Coltrane home studio, Dix Hills, New York, 26.01.1970

Alice Coltrane p, harp
Pharoah Sanders ts, afl, bells
Joe Henderson ts, afl
Ron Carter b
Ben Riley dr

1.Ptah, The El Daoud (A. Coltrane) 13:58
2.Turiya And Ramakrishna (A. Coltrane) 8:19
3.Blue Nile (A. Coltrane) 6:58
4.Mantra (A. Coltrane) 16:33

Ed Michael, producer of this session, recalls there were several alternate takes

Released as ALICE COLTRANE - PTAH, THE EL DAOUD - Impulse AS 9198 IMPD 201 (CD)

LP -  PHAROAH SANDERS - SUMMUN BUKMUN UMYUN, A & R Recording Studios, NYC, 1.07.1970

Pharoah Sanders ss, cow horn, tritone whistle, cowbells, wood fl, thumb piano, perc
Woody Shaw tp, yodeling, perc
Gary Bartz as, bells, cowbell, shakers, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p, cowbell, thumb piano, perc
Cecil McBee b
Clifford Jarvis dr
Nathaniel Bettis bylophone, yodeling, african perc
Anthony Wiles - conga, african perc

The order of the session:

1.Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord (adapted by L.L. Smith) (take 1) 13:02
2.Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord (adapted by L.L. Smith) (take 2 - long false start)
3.Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord (adapted by L.L. Smith) (take 3 - master) 18:00
4.Summun, Bukmun, Umyum (Sanders) (take 1 - false start)
5.Summun, Bukmun, Umyum (Sanders) (take 2 - master)21:16

The order on the SUMMUN BUKMUN UMYUN record:

1.Summun, Bukmun, Umyum (Sanders) 21:16
2.Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord (adapted by L.L. Smith) 17:46

Informations of this session by courtesy of Ed Michael



Alice Coltrane harp
Pharoah Sanders ss, perc
Vishnu Wood oud
Charlie Haden b
Rashied Ali dr

1.Isis and Osiris (A. Coltrane) 11:29


CD -  ALICE COLTRANE - JOURNEY IN SATCHIDANANDA, Coltrane Studio, Dix Hills, New York, 27.10 or 8.11.1970

Alice Coltrane harp, p
Pharoah Sanders ss, perc
Tulsi tamboura
Cecil McBee b
Rashied Ali dr
Majid Shabazz bells, tambourine

1.Journey in Satchidananda (A. Coltrane) 6:35
2.Shiva-Loka (A. Coltrane)
3.Stopover Bombay (A. Coltrane) 2:51
4.Something About John Coltrane (A. Coltrane) 9:39

Comment to the session by Ed Michael:

On the Alice Coltrane album with Pharoah, impulse AS-9203 (Journey in Satchidananda), recorded at the Coltrane home studio, there were two takes of the first tune: the first was 10:38, and probably became Something About John Coltrane; the second was 7:37, and probably became Journey in Satchidananda. (This may seem confused, but tune titles were changed frequently, and it was very hard to keep track about which was which.) The second tune was Shiva-Loka; first take was 7:17; second and third were false starts; fourth was 9:08; fifth was 10:09, and is probably the master take. Third tune was called Leo on the date; first take was a long false start, second take was 6:20, and may have been used to make Stopover Bombay. Fourth tune was called The Sun, with one take at 3:55; then there was an attempt at either more of this or of an alternate tune, for which there were five takes: first was a false start; second was 2:23; third false start; fourth 2:45; fifth 3:01. My notes give the date for this as October 27, 1970, but the album credits say November 8, 1970. Your guess is as good as mine.


 - LEON THOMAS - The Leon Thomas Album - 1970

    - Leon Thomas - Vocals, Maracas, Flute (Thailand Flute) (Hindewe Flute), Percussion (Bells)
    - Jerome Richardson - Alto Saxophone (tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Billy Harper - Tenor Saxophone(tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Howard Johnson - Baritone Saxophone (tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Ernie Royal - Trumpet (tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Donald Smith - Flute (tracks: A1 to A3, B1), James Spaulding (tracks: A4, B1)
    - Leon Thomas - Flute (Freedom Flute Equador) (tracks: A4, B1)
    - Sonny Morgan - Oboe (African Oboe)(tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Arthur Sterling - Piano
    - Billy Cobham - Drums(tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Roy Haynes - Drums (tracks: A4, B1)
    - Bob Cunningham - Bass (tracks: A4, B1)
    - John Williams Jr. - Electric Bass (tracks: A1 to A3, B1)
    - Gene Golden - Bongos (tracks: A4, B1), Sonny Morgan
    - Richie Pablo Landrum - Congas
    - Oliver Nelson - Arranged by, Conducted by (tracks: A1 to A3, B1)

    Mastered - Van Gelder
    Engineer - Bob Simpson
    Producer - Bob Thiele
    Photography - Ray Ross
    Design - Lou Queralt
Flying Dutchman - FDS-132, Flying Dutchman - FDS 132
Record Company - Flying Dutchman Productions, Ltd. Distributed By Mainstream Records, Inc.
Note : Pharoah Sanders doesn't play on this album.

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - THEMBI, The Record Plant, Los Angeles, 25.11.1970

Pharoah Sanders ss, ts, bells, perc
Michael White vln, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p, elp, claves, perc
Cecil McBee b, finger cymbals, perc
Clifford Jarvis dr, maracas, bells, perc
James Jordan ring cymbals (on #3)

1.Astral Traveling (L.L. Smith) 5:48
2.Red, Black & Green (Sanders) 8:56
Thembi (Sanders) 7:02

Released on PHAROAH SANDERS - THEMBI - Impulse AS-9206 / IMPD 253

Pharoah Sanders discography 1971

LP -  PHAROAH SANDERS - THEMBI, The Record Plant, NYC, 12.01.1971

Pharoah Sanders ts, afl, brass bell, bailophone, maracas, cow horn, fifes
Lonnie Liston Smith p, ring cymbals, shouts, bailophone
Cecil McBee b, bird effects
Roy Haynes dr
Chief Bey Afr. perc
Majid Shabazz Afr. perc
Anthony Wiles Afr. perc.
Nat Bettis Afr. perc

1.Love (McBee) 5:12
2.Morning Prayer (take 1) (Liston Smith/Sanders) 18:21
3.Morning Prayer (take 2 - master) (Liston Smith/Sanders) 15:05

There were recorded two complete takes of what was then called Morning Prayer, which was divided, on disc, as Morning Prayer and Bailophone Dance (Ed Michael).

Original master of MP appears on the disc THEMBI like that:

- Morning Prayer (Liston Smith/Sanders) 9:11
- Bailophone Dance (Sanders) 5:43

1, 3 released on PHAROAH SANDERS - THEMBI - Impulse AS-9206 / IMPD 253

2 remains unreleased

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - BLACK UNITY, 24.11.1971, A & R Recording Studios, New York City

Pharoah Sanders ts, balaphone
Hannibal Marvin Peterson tp
Carlos Garnett ts
Joe Bonner p
Cecil McBee b
Stanley Clarke b
Norman Connors dr
Billy Hart dr
Lawrence Killian congas, talking dr, balaphone

1.Black Unity (Sanders) 37:21

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - BLACK UNITY - Impulse AS-9219 / IMPD 192


Pharoah Sanders-ss, voc, perc, bells, ts
Joe Bonner p
Cecil McBee b
Stanley Clarke b
Norman Connors dr
Arthur Webb fl

1.Mansion Worlds (Sanders) 9:11


Not issued on CD yet

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - LIVE AT THE EAST, The East, Brooklyn, NYC, 1971

Pharoah Sanders ts
Harold Vick ts, voc
Hannibal Marvin Peterson tp
Carlos Garnett fl, voc
Stanley Clarke b
Cecil McBee b
Joe Bonner p, harmonium
Norman Connors dr
Billy Hart dr
Lawrence Killian congas, balaphone

1. Healing Song
2. Lumkili, Pt.1 & 2
3. Memories of Coltrane

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - LIVE AT THE EAST - Impulse AS-9227

Not CD yet

Pharoah Sanders discography 1972

LP -  PHAROAH SANDERS - WISDOM THROUGH MUSIC, A & R Recording Studios, NYC, The Village Recorder, LA, 1972

Pharoah Sanders ss, ts, fl
James Branch fl
Joe Bonner p
Cecil McBee b
Lawrence Killian perc
Mtume perc
Badal Roy perc
Norman Connors dr

1. High Life (Sanders) - 4:20
2. Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) - 5:23
3. Wisdom Through Music (Sanders) - 5:40
4. Golden Lamp (Bonner) - 4:40
5. Selflessness (Sanders) - 10:55

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - WISDOM THROUGH MUSIC - Impulse AS-9233 (lp)

No CD yet


Pharoah Sanders ss, voc, perc, bells, ts
Joe Bonner p
Lawrence Killian conga
Cecil McBee b
Stanley Clarke b
Norman Connors dr
Marvin Peterson perc

1.Memories of Lee Morgan (Sanders) 5:34


Not on CD yet

Pharoah Sanders discography 1973

The Ash Groove, Los Angeles 7.09, 9.09, 13.09.1973 and Wally Heider's, San Francisco, 13.09

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, shekere, voc, bells, perc
Joe Bonner p, cow horn, wood fl, voc, perc, harmonium
Calvin Hill b, tamboura, voc
Michael Carvin dr, perc, voc
Lawrence Killian conga, bell tree, perc, voc
John Blue perc, voc
Jimmy Hopps perc
Michael White vln
Sedratius Brown voc
Kenneth Nash perc

Comment by Ed Michael: Live sessions at The Ash Grove, Los Angeles on September 7/8/9, 1973, gave material for impulse AS-9261 (Elevation). I know that Elevation, Ore-Se-Rere, The Gathering, and Spiritual Blessings came from these dates. However, the names were changed and given later, so it's hard to tell, without reference to the tape boxes, which were the takes used, and what was actually called what. Here's a breakdown on what was recorded:

Sept 7 - first set: Elevation (43:40); Nigerian Tune (14:40); false start; second set: Elevation (30:00); The Gathering (20:00)

Sept 8 - first set: Elevation (48:00); second set Spiritual Blessings (20:00); Nigerian HiLife (22:30); Love Is Everywhere/Nigerian HiLife (17:30); The Gathering (10:00)

Sept 9 - first set: Elevation/Spritual Blessing (37:45); second set: Elevation/Bird Song (20:30); The Gathering/Blues (28:00); Creator Has a Master Plan/Love Is Everywhere (34:00); Light of Peace (Healing Song) (12:00)

A few days later, we were in San Francisco at Wally Heider's for sessions that were used for impulse AS-9261 (Elevation) and AS-9254 (Village of the Pharoahs), which also used material which Lee Young had recorded, about which I have no information at all. What I know is:

Sept 13 - Greetings to Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner); 1 take (13:00); untitled (soprano); 2 false starts, complete take (14:00); another untitled; 2 false starts; complete take (10:10)

The disc Elevation lists:

1. Elevation (Sanders) 18:16
2. Greeting to Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner) (Sanders) 4:11
3. Ore-se-rere (Nigerian Juju Hilife) (E. Obe) 5:42
4. The Gathering (Sanders) 14:03
5. Spiritual Blessing (Sanders) 5:47

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - ELEVATION - Impulse AS-9261 (LP), CD (only Japan) Impulse MVCZ-121

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - VILLAGE OF THE PHAROAHS, Wally Heider's, San Francisco, 14.09.1973

Pharoah Sanders ss, voc, perc, bells, ts
Sedatrius Brown voc, perc
Joe Bonner p, shakuhachi fl, perc, voc
Calvin Hill b
Jimmy Hopps dr
Lawrence Killian conga, voc, perc
Kenneth Nash sakara ceramic dr, Indian murdungom dr, perc, whistles
Kylo Kylo-tamboura, perc

1.Village of the Pharoahs part 1 (Sanders) 7:15
2.Village of the Pharoahs part 2 (Sanders) 5:00
3.Village of the Pharoahs part 3 (Sanders) 4:50
4.Myth (Sanders) 1:44
5.Went Like It Came (Sanders) 5:11

Released on PHAROAH SANDERS - VILLAGE OF THE PHAROAHS, Impulse AS-9254 as tracks 1-4 and 7

Complete listing for that date thanks to Ed Michael:

Sept 14 - blues (Went Like It Came); first take breaks down at 5:2x; second (9:55)(master); Myth; 1 complete take (17:25); another blues; 1 false start; complete take (12:04)

Seems that Myth concluded on the disc in 3 parts of the Village of the Pharoahs and Myth and from the master of Went Like It Came we have 5:11 min


Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl
Joe Bonner p
James Branch fl
Cecil McBee b
Norman Connors dr
Lawrence Killian perc
Mtume perc
Badal Roy perc

1. Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) 20:03
2. To John (Sanders) 20:45

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - LOVE IN US ALL - Impulse AS-9280


CD - LARRY YOUNG - LAWRENCE OF NEWARK - Perception, Blue Rock Studio, NYC, 1973

Abdul Shahid dr
Jumma Santos tom-tom, cow bell, conga, whistle, tambourine, hi-hat
Howard T. King dr
James Flores dr
Stacey Edwards conga
Don Pate b
James Blood Ulmer g
Umar Abdul Muizz conga
Armen Halburian conga, bells, perc
Diedre Johnson cello
Juni Booth b
Art Gore dr, elp
Abdul Hakim bongos
Poppy La Boy perc
Cedric Lawson elp
Mystery Guest (Pharoah Sanders) saxophones, voc
Dennis Mourouse sax, el sax
Charles Magee eltp
Larry Young org, bongos, voc

1.Saudia (Young) 4:28
2.Alive (Young) 1:50
3.Hello Your Quietness (Islands) (Young) 10:02
4.Sunshine Fly Away (Young) 8:37
5.Khalid of Space Part Two (Welcome) (Young) 12:20

Released as LARRY YOUNG - LAWRENCE OF NEWARK - Perception PLP 34
CD version of this record was first released 2001 on Castle Music CMRCD288

Pharoah Sanders discography 1974


Pharoah Sanders discography 1975

Pharoah Sanders discography 1976


1.Harvest Time (Sanders) 20:50
2.Love Will Find a Way (Sanders) 14:30
3.Memories of Edith Johnson (Samders) 5:00

Pharoah Sanders ts, voc, perc.
Steve Neil b
Lawrence Killian perc.
Tisziji Munoz g
Jiggs Chase org
Greg Bandy dr
Bedria Sanders harmonium

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - PHAROAH - India Navigation IN 1027 CD

Pharoah Sanders discography 1977

The Sound Labs Hollywood, United-Western Recorders, 1977

Norman Connors d, tymp, perc
Eleanore Mills voc
Willie Weeks b
Alphonso Johnson b
Lee Ritenour g, elg
Reggie Lucas elg
Ray Gomez elg
Jerry Peters elp, p, clavinet, harpsichord
Hubert Eaves elp, p, clavinet
Ian Underwood synth, synth arr
Kenneth Nash conga, perc, cymbals, gong
Bobbye Hall comga, bongo
Victor Feldman perc, bells, vib
Gary Bartz as
Pharoah Sanders ss
Myrna Mathews voc
Maxine Waters voc
Julia Waters voc
Orrin Waters voc
Oscar Barshear tp
Chuck Findley tp
Gary Grant tp
Gene Goe tp
George Bohannon tb
Charlie Loper tb
Maurice Spears btb
Dick Hyde tb
Sidney Muldrow French horn
Marine Robinson French horn
Ernie Watts fl, bfl, afl, ts
Fred Jackson, Jr. fl, bfl, afl, as, cl
Bill Green fl, bfl, afl, piccolo, ts, cl
Charles Veal, Jr. concertmaster string orchestra

1.Thembi (Sanders) - 8:04

Other 7 titles without Sanders

Released on NORMAN CONNORS - ROMANTIC JOURNEY - Buddah 5682, Reissued on CD on Right Stuff

NORMAN CONNORS - THIS IS YOUR LIFE, The Sound Labs Hollywood, United-Western Recorders, 1977

Norman Connors dr, perc
Eleanore Mills voc
Pharoah Sanders ss
Gary Bartz as

1.The Creator (Sanders)

Other titles without Pharoah

Released on NORMAN CONNORS - THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Buddah 4053, Reissued on CD on Sequel NEM637 and Kama Sutra 5715

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - LOVE WILL FIND A WAY, Burbank, Kendun Recorders, 1977

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, perc
Norman Connors tymp, dr, perc, gongs, voc
Phyllis Hyman voc
Lenny White dr
James Gadson dr
Raymond Pounds dr
David T. Walker elg
Wah Wah Watson elg
Alex Blake b
Eddie Watson b
Hubert Eaves kbds
Bobby Lyle kbds
Khalid Moss kbds
Kenneth Nash conga, bongos, cymbals, gongs, perc
The Water Family voc
Ernest Watts reeds
Oscar Brashear tp
George Bohanon tb
Lew McCreary tb
Charles Findley tp
William Green sax
Terry Harrington sax
Vincent De Rosa French horn
Sidney Muldrow French horn

1.Love Will Find a Way (Bedria Sanders) 5:12
2.Pharomba (P.Sanders) 4:32
3.Love Is Here (Connors/Sanders)4:43
4.Got to Give It Up (M. Gay) 6:29
5.As You Are (Connors/Smith)5:08
6.Answer Me My Love (Rauch/Winkler/Sigmon) 6:42
7.Everything I Have Is Good (Sanders/P.McDonald)6:00


Tracks 3 & 5 on CD PHYLLIS HYMAN - ONE ON ONE - Hip-O/Universal 40084, 1998

Track 7 on CD NORMAN CONNORS - MELANCHOLY FIRE - Arista/Razor&Tie 1999

Pharoah Sanders discography 1978

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS & NORMAN CONNORS - BEYOND A DREAM with the Starship Orchestra, Montreux Jazz Festival, 22.07.1978

Pharoah Sanders ts 3-5
Norman Connors dr, tymp, perc
Duke Jones tp
Buzzy Jones ts, ss, fl
Bobby Lyle p 3-5
Jacques Burvick kbds
Billy McCoy p, elp
Greg Hill g
Alex Blake elb
Petro Bass perc, conga
Lawrence Killian perc, conga

1.Babylon (McCoy) 8:40
2.Beyond a Dream (Kenny Cox) 10:23
3.Montreux Overture (Sanders) 4:35
4.The End of the Beginning (Lyle) 4:55
5.Casino Latino (Sanders) 15:25
6.Sweet (Sanders-Connors) 52:47

1 - 5 released as PHAROAH SANDERS & NORMAN CONNORS - BEYOND A DREAM - Arista Novus AN 3021 (lp)

6 on private tape, also on bootleg CD MEDITATION - Jazz File 1007


HILTON RUIZ - FANTASIA, Sound Ideas Studio, NYC, 9.12.1978


Hilton Ruiz p
Slide Hampton tb
Pharoah Sanders ts
Reggie Workman b
Idris Muhammad dr

1.Swing One (Ruiz) 10:25
2.Blues for Tommy Tucker (Ruiz) 10:50
3.Fantasia (Ruiz) 18:57

Released as HILTON RUIZ - FANTASIA (Dedicated to Rasahn Roland Kirk)- Denon YX 7548 ND(Jap. Lp)

CD - ED KELLY & PHAROAH SANDERS, Bear West Studios, San Francisco, December 1978

Ed Kelly p
Pharoah Sanders ss, ts
Peter Barshay b
Eddie Marshall dr
Marvin Williams string arr. on #1 and 4
Joanne Nichol 1st vln on #1 and 4
Cecilia Twain 2nd vln on #1 and 4
Marsha Gonick viola on #1 and 4
Joseph Herbert cello on #1 and 4
Junius Simmons g on #1 and 4
Larry Blackshere marimbas on# 2
Babatunde congas on#2 and 4
Faye Kelly voc on#2
Kerilyn Kelly voc on#2
Terrance Kelly voc on#2
Don Ramsey as on#4
Anthony Sidney tb on#4
Harley White bars on#4
Larry Jones tp on#4
Oscar Williams tp on#4

1.Rainbow Song (Kelly) 4:19
2.Newborn (Sanders) 4:23
3.You Send Me (Cooke) 8:50
4.Pippin (Kelly) 4:34
5.Answer My Love (Sigman-Rauch-Winkler) 4:42
6.You've Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 7:27

Released as Ed Kelly & Friend - Theresa 106
Reissued on ED KELLY & PHAROAH SANDERS - Evidence ECD 22056-2

Pharoah Sanders discography 1979

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - JOURNEY TO THE ONE, The Automatt and Bear West Studios, San Francisco, December 1979

Pharoah Sanders ts, ,sleigh bells
John Hicks p 1, 2, 6-8, 10
Idris Muhammad dr 1, 2, 6-8, 10
Ray Drummond b 1, 2, 6-8, 10
Carl Lockett g 1, 7, 9
Eddie Henderson flh 2, 6
Yoko Ito Gates koto 3
Paul Arslanian harmonium, wind chimes 3
Joe Bonner p, elp 4, 9
Bedria Sanders harmonium 5
James Pomerantz sitar 5
Phil Ford tabla
Vicki Randle voc 6, 9
Ngoh Spencer voc 6, 9
Dee Dee Dickerson voc 6, 9
Bobby McFerrin voc 6, 9
Randy Merritt dr 9
Joy Julks b 9
Babatunde shekere, congas 9
Mark Isham Oberheim synth 9
Claudette Allen lead voc 9
Chris Hayes g 10

1.Greetings to Idris (Sanders) 7:32
2.Doktor Pitt (Sanders) 12:17
3.Kazuko (Peace Child) (Sanders) 8:11
4.After the Rain (Coltrane) 5:39
5.Soledad (Sanders) 5:02
6.You've Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 6:52
7.Yemenja (Hicks) 5:39
8.Easy to Remember (Hart-Rogers) 6:36
9.Think about the One (Sanders) 4:18
10.Bedria (Sanders) 10:30

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - JOURNEY TO THE ONE - Theresa 108/109 (LP), Evidence ECD-22016-2

Pharoah Sanders discography 1980

LP - IDRIS MUHAMMAD - KABSHA, Van Gelder's Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 12.09.1980

Idris Muhammad dr
George Coleman ts 1, 3, 4, 7, 8
Pharoah Sanders ts 2, 4-6, 8
Ray Drummond b

1.Kabsha (Muhammad) 8:45
2.I Want to Talk About You (B. Eckstine) 5:13
3.Little Feet (Drummond) 4:49
4.GCCG Blues (C. Coleman) 6:13
5.Soulful Drums (J. McDuff-J. Thomas) 4:41
6.St. M (B. Fisher) 6:14
7.Kabsha (Muhammad) (alt. Take) 8:00
8.GCCG Blues (G. Coleman) (alt. Take) 5:16

Issued as IDRIS MUHAMMAD - KABSHA - Theresa 110 (lp), Evidence ECD 22096-2

Pharoah Sanders discography 1981

LP -  PHAROAH SANDERS - REJOICE, Power Station Studios, New York, NY, Bear West Studios, San Francisco, CA, 1981

Pharoah Sanders ts, bells, voice
Babatunde a go go bells, dr, shekere, voice 1-3
Joe Bonner p 1-3, 8, 9
Art. Davis b 1, 4-7
Bobby Hutcherson vibes 1, 4, 6
B. Kazuko Ishida voice 1
Elvin Jones dr 1
Big Black congas, voice 2, 3
Peter Fujii g, voice 2, 3
Jorge Pomar b 2, 3
John Hicks p 4-7
Danny Moore tp 4-7
Steve Turre tb 4-7
Flame Braithwaite voice 4, 7
Sakinah Muhammad voice 4, 7
Yvette S. Vanterpool voice 4, 7
Bobby London voice 4, 7
Caroll Wilson Scott voice 4, 7
William S. Fischer vocal arr. 4, 7
Billy Higgins dr 4-7
George V. Johnson, Jr. voice
Lois Colin harp 7, 8

1.Rejoice (Sanders) 12:47
2.Highliffe (arr. by Sanders) 7:42
3.Nigerian Juju Highlife (arr. by Sanders) 10:02
4.Origin (Sanders) 5:44
5.When Lights Are Low (B.Carter) 6:28
6.Moments Notice (Coltrane) 5:20
7.Central Parka West (Coltrane) 5:46
8.Ntjilo Ntjilo/Bird Song 4:06
9.Farah (Sanders) 5:28


Pharoah in Warsaw, 22.10.1981

LP -  PHAROAH SANDERS - SHUKURU, Live Oak Studio, 1981

Pharoah Sanders ts, voc
Leon Thomas voc 3, 4
William Henderson Kurzweil 250
Ray Drummond b
Idris Muhammad dr

1.Shukuru (Sanders) 5:44
2.Body and Soul (Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton) 7:33
3.Mas in Brooklyn (Highlife) (Francisco) 3:41
4.Sun Song (Thomas) 6:04
5.Too Young to Go Steady (Adamson, McHugh) 5:21
6.Jitu (Sanders) 5:43
7.For Big George (Sanders, Thomas) 7:59

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - SHUKURU - Theresa 121, Reissued as Evidence ECD 22022


Tisziji Munoz g
Pharoah Sanders ts
Dave Liebman ss
John Hicks p
Art Davis b
Idris Muhammad dr
Guillerme Franco perc

1.To Be (J. Coltrane) 9:18


Other tunes without Pharoah

LP & CD - PHAROAH SANDERS - LIVE, Maiden Voyage, Los Angeles, Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz.

Pharoah Sanders ts, voc
John Hicks p
Walter Booker b
Idris Muhammad dr

1.You've Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 14:10
2.Easy to Remember(Hart-Rodgers) 6:48
3.Blues for Santa Cruz (Sanders) 8:50
4.Pharomba (Sanders) 13:20

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - LIVE - Theresa 116 © 1982

1.You've Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 14:05
2.Easy to Remember(Hart-Rodgers) 6:38
3.Blues for Santa Cruz (Sanders) 8:41
4.Pharomba (Sanders) 13:12
5.Doktor Pitt (Sanders) 21:33

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - LIVE - Evidence ECD 22223-2 © 2003

   1-2 recorded at the Maiden Voyage, LA from april 16-19, 1981
   3-4 recorded at the Maiden Voyage, LA on april 20, 1981
    5   recorded at the Great American Music Hall on april 12, 1981

DVD - Pharoah Sanders - Live In San Francisco

Pharoah Sanders ts
Walter Booker b  (1,2)
Idris Muhammad dr (1,2)
John Hicks p  (1,2)
Paul Arslanian Harmonium (3)

1 Doktor Pitt                       22:00
2 Blues For Santa Cruz   18:00
3 Kazuko                             11:00
4 Interview with Herb Wong 8:00

Producer - Pharoah Sanders
Tracks 1 & 2: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, April 1981
Track 3: recorded in an abandoned tunnel in Marin Headlands, July 1982.
Evidence released 2007

Pharoah Sanders discography 1982

LP - PHAROAH SANDERS - HEART IS A MELODY, Keystone Korner, San Francisco, 23.01.1982

Pharoah Sanders ts, voc
William Henderson p
John Heard b
Idris Muhammad dr
Flame Braithwaite voc 3
Janie Cook voc 3
Debra McGriffe voc 3
Andy Bey voc 3
Cort Cheek voc 3
Kris Wyn voc 3
Jes Muir voc 3
Mira Hadar voc 3
Audience voc on 4
Paul Arslanian bells, whistle 4

1.Ole (J. Coltrane) 22:13
2.On a Misty Night (T. Dameron) 7:00
3.Heart Is a Melody of Time (Hiroko's Song) (Sanders/Fischer) 7:32
4.Goin' to Africa (Highlife) (Sanders) 3:49
5.Naima (J. Coltrane) 7:28
6.Rise'n'Shine (Youmans/DeSylva/Ballantine) 15:07

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - HEART IS A MELODY - Theresa 118. Reissued on Evidence ECD 22063-2

CD -  ELVIN JONES-MCCOY TYNER QUINTET - LOVE & PEACE, Van Gelder Recording Studio, New Jersey, 13 & 14.04.1982

Elvin Jones dr
McCoy Tyner p
Pharoah Sanders ts
Richard Davis
Jean-Paul Bourelly elg

1.Little Rock's Blues (Sanders) 4:35
2.Hip Jones (Sanders) 7:27
3.Korina (G.Perla) 5:35
4.For Tomorrow (McCoy Tyner) 7:08
5.Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare) 6:52
6.Origin (Sanders) 5:05

Issued on ELVIN JONES-MCCOY TYNER QUINTET - LOVE & PEACE, Trio 25023, Blackhawk. Reissued as CD on Evidence ECD 22087-2

Pharoah Sanders discography 1983

LP  - BENNY GOLSON - THIS IS FOR YOU, JOHN, Vanguard Studio, NYC, 20-21.12.1983

Benny Golson ts
Pharoah Sanders ts
Cedar Walton p
Ron Carter b
Jack DeJohnette dr

1.Jam the Avenue (Golson) 4:56
2.Greensleeves (trad.) 6:26
3.Origin (Sanders) 4:22
4.A Change of Heart (Golson) 7:25
5.Times Past (This Is For You, John) (Golson) 7:52
6.Page 12 (Golson) 5:26
7.Vilia (Lehar) 6:20



Pharoah Sanders discography 1984

24.09.1984, Santa Cruz, Kuumbwa Jazz Center,

Pharoah Sanders discography 1985

LP  -  ART DAVIS QUARTET - LIFE, New York City, 5.10.1985

Pharoah Sanders ts
John Hicks p
Art Davis b
Idris Mohammed dr

1.Life (A. Davis) 10:32
2.Duo (Davis-Sanders) 3:26
3.Blues From Concertpiece For Bass (A. Davis) 7:12
4.Add (A. Davis) 19:25

Issued as ART DAVIS QUARTET - LIFE - Soul Note SN 1143 CD

Pharoah Sanders discography 1986

19.02.1986, Berlin, Quasimodo

Pharoah Sanders discography 1987

LP  -  PHAROAH SANDERS - AFRICA, Studio 44, Monster, Holland, 11.03.1987

Pharoah Sanders ts
John Hicks p
Curtis Lundy b
Idris Muhammed dr

1.You've Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 10:01
2.Naima (J. Coltrane) 5:26
3.Origin (Sanders) 6:50
4.Speak Low (Nash-Weill) 8:04
5.After the Morning (Hicks) 6:29
6.Africa (Sanders) 8:20
7.Heart to Heart (Sanders) 7:17
6.Duo (Sanders) 4:32


Also as a part of 3 CD set - PHAROAH SANDERS ON TIMELESS - Timeless CDSJP 008


CD  - A TRIBUTE TO JOHN COLTRANE - BLUES FOR COLTRANE, Sigma Sound Studios, Manhattan, 9.07.1987

Pharoah Sanders ts 1 - 3, 7
McCoy Tyner p
Cecil McBee b
David Murray ts on 5 - 7
Roy Haynes dr

1.Bluesin' for John C. (McCoy Tyner) 5:52
2.Naima (J. Coltrane) 6:02
3.The Promise (J. Coltrane) 8:18
4.Lazy Bird (J.Coltrane) 4:18
5.I Want to Talk about You (B.Eckstine) 9:15
6.Last of the Hipmen (Murray) 8:21
7.Trane (D. Murray) 10:14

Released on A TRIBUTE TO JOHN COLTRANE - BLUES FOR COLTRANE - MCA/Impulse 42122, 25P2310 (CD Japan)

Track 7 is on the CD version only


Pharoah Sanders ts
Donald Smith elp
William S. Henderson III p
Tarik Shah b
Gregg Bandy dr
Leon Thomas voc 1, 4, 6

1.Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong (Sanders/Thomas) 5:35
2.Equinox (J. Coltrane) 9:25
3.Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Burke/Van Heusen) 6:11
4.If It Wasn't For a Woman (Thomas) 4:39
5.Clear Out of This World (Dubin/McHugh) 13:45
6.Next Time You See Me (trad.) 3:54

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - OH LORD, LET ME DO NO WRONG - Signature - CBS Special Product AK 40952


Pharoah Sanders ts, double reed
William Henderson p, Kurzweil synth
John Hicks p on#7
Brian McLaughlin tabla on#5
Lynn Taussig sarod, chandrasarang on#5
Alvin Queen dr on#5

1.The Light at the Edge of the World (P. Piccioni) 5:08
2.Dedication to James W. Clark (Sanders) 5:15
3.Softly for Shyla (Henderson) 5:21
4.The Greatest Love of All (Masser/Creed) 8:23
5.Midnight at Yoshi's (Sanders) 5:57
6.Living Space (J. Coltrane) 4:32
7.After the Rain (J. Coltrane) 6:34
8.In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) 7:08
9.Christmas Song (Torme/Wells) 7:25

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN - Evidence ECD 22047-2 (First 7 tracks on the Theresa lp under the same title - Theresa 127)

Pharoah Sanders discography 1988

Pharoah Sanders discography 1989

CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS - MOON CHILD, Studio Davout, Paris, France, 12-13.10.1989

Pharoah Sanders ss, ts
William Henderson p
Stafford James b
Eddie Moore dr
Cheikh Tidiane Fale perc

1.Moon Child (Sanders) 8:07
2.Moon Rays (H. Silver) 6:10
3.The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (B. Bermien-J. Brainin) 12:17
4.All Or Nothing At All (J. Lawrence-A. Altman) 9:23
5.Soon (G. Gerschwin) 5:29
6.Moniebah (A. Ibrahim) 10:43

Issued as PHAROAH SANDERS - MOON CHILD - Timeless CD SJP 326

Also as a part of 3 CD set - PHAROAH SANDERS ON TIMELESS - Timeless CDSJP 008


Pharoah Sanders discography 1990

CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - WELCOME TO LOVE, Gimmick Studio, Yerres, France, 17-19.07.1990

Pharoah Sanders ss, ts
William Henderson p
Stafford James b
Eccleston W. Wainwright, Jr. Dr

1.My One And Only Love (Mellin-Wood) 8:06
2.Say It (Over And Over Again) (Losser-McHugh) 6:57
3.You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye-De Paul) 4:55
4.I Want To Talk About You (B. Eckstine) 8:14
5.Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (Van Heusen-Silvers) 6:54
6.Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Van Heusen-Burke) 7:21
7.The Nearness Of You (Carmichael-Washington) 5:18
8.Moonlight In Vermont (Blackburn-Suessdorf) 6:14

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - WELCOME TO LOVE - Timeless CD SJP 358, Evidence ECD 22137-2

Also as a part of 3 CD set - PHAROAH SANDERS ON TIMELESS - Timeless CDSJP 008


Pharoah Sanders discography 1991

CD  - SONNY SHARROCK - ASK THE AGES, Sorcerer Sound and Greenpoint, NYC, 1991

Sonny Sharrock g
Pharoah Sanders ts
Charnett Moffett b
Elvin Jones dr

1.Promises Kept (Sharrock) 9:43
2.Who Does She Hope To Be? (Sharrock) 4:41
3.Little Rock (Sharrock) 7:12
4.As We Used To Sing (Sharrock) 7:45
5.Many Mansions (Sharrock) 9:31
6.Once Upon A Time (Sharrock) 6:26

Issued as SONNY SHARROCK - ASK THE AGES - Axiom 422-848 957-2
Tracks 1 and 4 on SONNY SHARROCK - INTO ANOTHER LIGHT - Enemy EMY 156-2



Randy Weston p
Idrees Sulieman tp
Benny Powell tb, btb
Talib Kibwe as (#2)
Billy Harper ts (#1)
Dewey Redman ts (#1)
Pharoah Sanders ts (#1), gaita (#2)
Alex Blake b
Jamil Nasser b
Idris Muhammad dr
Big Black perc
Yassir Chadly karbaka
Azzedin Weston perc, karbaka
Melba Liston arr

1.African Cookbook (R. Weston) 17:13
2.Blue Moses (R. Weston) 11:57

Released on RANDY WESTON - THE SPIRITS OF OUR ANCESTORS - Antiless 314-511 896-2
Track 1 also on RANDY WESTON - AFRICAN SUNRISE - Antiless 314-517 177-2


Pharoah Sanders discography 1992

CD  - NEW YORK UNIT - OVER THE RAINBOW, Sear Sound Studio, NYC, 15.06.1992

Pharoah Sanders ts 1-3, 7, 8
John Hicks p
Richard Davis b 1-7
Tatsuya Nakamura dr 1-5, 7

1.Greensleeves (trad.) 5:47
2.Naima (J. Coltrane) 8:50
3.Summertime (G. Gerschwin) 5:57
4.Stormy Monday Blues (T Bone Walker) 8:59
5.I've Never Been in Love Before (F. Loesser) 7:51
6.Skylark (Carmichael) 3:34
7.Mara (R. Davis) 10:23
8.Over the Rainbow (Arlen) 6:59

Released as NEW YORK UNIT - OVER THE RAINBOW - King Records KICJ 136
Reissued as NEW YORK UNIT - NAIMA - Evidence ECD 22107-2


CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - BALLADS WITH LOVE, Sear Sound Studio, NYC, 19 and 20.10.1992

Pharoah Sanders ts
William Henderson p
Charles Fambrough b
Sherman Ferguson dr

1.Lonnie's Lament (J. Coltrane) 7:55
2.Misty (E. Garner) 5:46
3.In a Sentimental Mood (D. Ellington) 6:37
4.Softly for Shyla (W. Henderson) 3:45
5.Wise One (J. Coltrane) 13:44
6.Too Young To Go Steady (McHugh-Adamson) 5:58
7.Body and Soul (Heyman/Sour/Eyton/Green) 9:00
8.Naima (J. Coltrane) 6:44
9.Feelin' Good (A. Newly) 7:16
10.Light at the Edge of the World (P. Piccioni) 6:24
11.Crescent (J. Coltrane) 9:50
12.After the Rain (J. Coltrane) 5:39

Reissued as PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - CRESCENT WITH LOVE - Venus 19058, Evidence ECD 22099-2

Pharoah Sanders discography 1993


Jerry Peters arr, p
Phyllis Hyman voc
Charles Veal cond The Charles Veal String Orchestra
Norman Connors dr, perc
Bobby Lyle kbds
Darryl Munyungo Jackson perc
Freddie Washington b
Doc Powell g
Mike Baker dr
Paul Jackson Jr arr, kbds, g
Paulinho DaCosta perc
Angela Bofill voc
Eve Cornelious voc
Patrice Rushen p, kbds
Pharoah Sanders ts
Marcus Belgrave tp
Nat Bettis perc
Stanley Clarke b
Kirk Whalum ts
many others...

1.Naima (J. Coltrane) 6:11

Pharoah does not play on the other tracks


CD  - BHEKI MSELEKU, Power Sation, NYC, 19-21.08,

Bheki Mseleku voc, p
Pharoah Sanders ts
Michael Bowie b
Marvin "Smitty" Smith dr

1.Yanini (Mseleku) 11:04

Pharoah does not play on the other tracks
Released on Verve 314-521306-2 as BHEKI MSELEKU - TIMELESSNESS


Pharoah Sanders discography 1994


Franklin Kiermyer dr
Pharoah Sanders ts
John Esposito p
Drew Gress double b
Chris Gekker flh (only on #3)

1.If I Die Before I Wake (F. Kiermyer) 15:00
2.Three Jewels (F. Kiermyer) 13:55
3.Akdemus (F. Kiermyer) 7:37
4.Peace on Earth (F. Kiermyer) 5:50
5.Solomon's Daughter (F. Kiermyer) 9:25
6.Birds of the Nile (F. Kiermyer) 7:18



8.05.1994, Yerba Buena Center

Music for Ballet


House of the Caid Khoubane in the Medina of Essaouira,
District Chbanat, Morocco, 1-3.06.1994

Maleem Mahmoud Ghania guimbri, lead voc., tbel
Pharoah Sanders ts, voice
Maleem Boubker Ghania second guimbri on 6, tbel
Maleem Mahmoud Ahkaraz tbel on 8
Maleem Abdellah Ghania krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Abdellah Ahkaraz krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
El Moktar Ghania krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Mohamed Abdellaoui krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Mohamed Outanine krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Abdellatif Abdellaoui krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Hassan Machoure krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Mohamed Boujmia krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps
Abdellah Lamsouger handclaps
Maleem Abdelkabir Addabachi lead ghaita (on#3)
Abdelmalak Ben Hamou ghaita (on#3)
Abderraham Nimini tbel (on#3)
Abdelmoula Hnikkich harraz (on#3)
Mustapha Bousan harraz (on#3)

Female vocal chorus:

Zaida Ghania leader
Mina Ahkaraz
Saida Battach
Fatna Ifis
Fatima Labied
Hafida Ghania
J'mia Ghania
Khadija Ghania
Malika Ghania

1.La Allah Dayim Moulenah (Sanders/M. Ghania) 11:10
2.Balla Moussaka (trad. arr. by M. Ghania) 3:54
3.Hamdouchi (trad. arr. by M. Abdelkabir) 9:07
4.Peace in Essaouira (For Sonny Sharrock) (P. Sanders) 7:23
5.Boulandi Samawi (trad. arr. by M. Ghania) 13:56
6.Moussa Berkiyo/Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh (trad. arr. by M. Ghania) 4:34
7.Salat Anbi (trad. arr. by M. Ghania) 8:17
8.Casa Casa Altougra (trad. arr. by M. Ghania) 5:05
9.Mahraba (trad. arr. by M. Ghania) 7:48


STOLEN MOMENTS: RED HOT + COOL 1994, Various Artists

1.Pharoah Sanders - The Creator Has a Master Plan (trip hop remix) (Sanders/Thomas)
2.Umar Bin Hassan & Abiodun Oyewole with Pharoah Sanders - This Is Madness (Hassan)

Pharoah Sanders ts
Leon Thomas voc, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Julius Watkins frh
Richard Davis b
Reggie Workman b
Billy Hart dr
Nat Bettis perc
Marc Starr dr
Richard Scott sax
Martin Fisher g
Umar Bin Hassan voice
Abiodun Oyewole voice
Don Babatunde voice
Genji Shiraisi dr
Jonathan Maron b
Itaal Shur kbds

Pharoah does not play on the other tracks of this album

Released on STOLEN MOMENTS: RED HOT + COOL - Impulse GRP 9794

Pharoah Sanders discography 1995

CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS - MESSAGE FROM HOME, Sony Studio, NYC, Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, NY, 1995

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl, bells, bowls, voc
Michael White vln
William Henderson p, elp, voc
Bernie Worrell el kbds, voc
Jeff Bova progr., el. kbds
Foday Musa Suso kora, dousongonni, voc
Dominic Kanza g
Charnett Moffett b
Steve Neil b, elb
Hamid Drake dr, tablas, bells, gongs, voc
Aiyb Dieng chatan, congas, bells, gongs, voc
Salie Suso background voc
Mariama Suso background voc
Fanta Mangasuba background voc
Fatoumata Sako background voc

1.Our Roots (Began in Africa) (Sanders) 10:21
2.Nozipho (Sanders) 9:43
3.Tomoki (Sanders) 6:26
4.Ocean Song (Sanders) 8:49
5.Kumba (Sanders-Musa Suso) 7:50
6.Country Mile (Sanders) 6:03

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - MESSAGE FROM HOME - Verve 529 578-2

There is also a CD single OUR ROOTS (BEGAN IN AFRICA) released on Verve (Verve 4451) in France.

1.Our Roots (Began in Africa) (Sanders) 4:45 radio edit
2.Tomoki (Sanders) 3:15 radio edit
3.Kumba (Sanders-Musa Suso) 5:00 radio edit

CD  - STEVE TURRE - RHYTHM WITHIN, Van Gelder Recording Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1995

Steve Turre tb, shells
Pharoah Sanders ts
Jon Faddis tp, flh
Robin Eubanks tb, shells
Frank Lacy shells
Jamal Haynes shells
Douglas Purviance btb, shells
Kimati Dinizulu African dr
Herbie Hancock p
Andy Gonzalez b
Victor Lewis dr
Milton Cardona congas
1.Funky - T (Turre) 12:55
2.Rhythm Within (Turre) 8:14
Other cuts without Pharoah

Released on STEVE TURRE - RHYTHM WITHIN - Verve 27159

CD  - JAH WOBBLE - HEAVEN & EARTH, Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn, NJ, 1995

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl
Aiyb Dieng shatan, gongs, congas
Bernie Worrell kbds, synth
DJ Rob Swift turntable
DXT turntable on #2
Nicky Skopelitis g, ac. g
Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey dr
Jah Wobble ac.b, el.b

5.Gone to Croatan (Wobble/Laswell/Sanders/Skopelitis/Dieng) 15:30
6.Hit Me (Wobble/Laswell/Sanders/DXT) 7:42

Issued on JAH WOBBLE - HEAVEN & EARTH - Island Independent 162-531 050-2

Other tracks without Pharoah

11.03.1995 Iridium, NYC


Pharoah Sanders discography 1996

CD  - AYIB DIENG - RHYTHMAGIC, Greenpoint Studio, NYC, 1996

Aiyb Dieng chatan, talking drum, congas, bata, bass drum, jimbe, gongs, bells, cymbals, metals
Trilok Gurtu dr, tablas
Daniel Ponce bata, conga
Carlos Cordova bata
Pharoah Sanders ts, metal and wooden fl
Bill Laswell samples
Umar Bin Hassan voice on #1

1.Rhythmagic (Dieng/Sanders/Hassan) 4:04
2.Daresalam (Dieng/Sanders) 6:25

Released on AYIB DIENG - RHYTHMAGIC - Subharmonic SD-7021-2

Pharoah does not play on the other 6 selections. Among the other musicians on the remain tracks are Bill Laswell b, Nicky Skopelitis guitars, Bernie Worrell, Hammond B-3 organ and Bootsy Collins, bass

CD  - JALI KUNDA - GRIOTS OF WEST AFRICA & BEYOND, Foday Musa Suso, Greenpoint Studio, NYC, 1996

Foday Musa Suso kora
Pharoah Sanders ts

1.Samma (Foday Musa Suso) 8:25

Included on JALI KUNDA - GRIOTS OF WEST AFRICA & BEYOND - Ellipsis arts CD3511

This is the second collaboration of Pharoah and Foday, after Message From Home. From liner notes by Foday: "My friends in California always wanted me to play with Pharoah. They encouraged me to combine the kora with the saxophone. Last year Bill Laswell arranged for us to work together. We jammed in the studio and then I played on Pharoahís CD, Message From Home. For that album I wrote the piece, "Kumba". Now he has a chance to play on my project. I like the way Pharoah listens and quickly responds".

Pharoah does not play on the other tracks of this album

CD  - WALLACE RONEY - VILLAGE, Sear Sound, NYC, 3-5.12.1996

Wallace Roney tp
Lenny White dr
Clarence Seay b
Geri Allen p on 2
Antoine Roney bcl on 2
Chick Corea p on 1, Fender Rhodes on 2
Pharoah Sanders ts
Robert Irving III synth on 2

1.The Pharoah (Roney) 6:51
2.EBO (White) 10:00

Released on WALLACE RONEY - VILLAGE - Warner Bros 46649

Pharoah does not play on other 7 selections of this album


James Blood Ulmer g
Calvin "Hassen Truth" Jones b
Cornell W. Rochester dr
Pharoah Sanders ts 2, 4, 6, 7
John Zorn as 1, 3, 5, 8

1.Law (Ulmer) 5:36
2.Suspect (Ulmer) 7:11
3.Devotion (Ulmer) 4:31
4.Sweet (Ulmer) 5:18
5.Proof (Ulmer) 6:37
6.My Prayer (Ulmer/Ayesha Fatima) 9:15
7.Evidence (Ulmer) 8:00
8.Backbeat (Ulmer) 6:40


Pharoah Sanders discography 1997

CD  - ARCANA - ARC OF THE TESTIMONY, Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, NY, 1997

Tony Williams dr
Bill Laswell 4 and 6-string basses, fretless bass, ebo, SFX
Pharoah Sanders ts
Byard Lancaster bcl on#1
Graham Haynes cornet on#1
Nicky Skopelitis 6 and 12-string guitars
Buckethead g on#2

1.Gone Tomorrow (Bill Laswell/Tony Williams) 9:39
6.Circles of Hell (Bill Laswell/Tony Williams) 7:15

Pharoah does not play on other 6 tracks of this album

Released on ARCANA - ARC OF THE TESTIMONY - Axiom 314-524 431-2

CD  - TERRY CALLIER - TIMEPEACE, Tone Zone Recording Chicago, 1997

Terry Callier voc, acc g
Pharoah Sanders ts
Dave Onderdonk g
Pennington McGee perc
Alfredo Alias dr

12.Time Peace/No One Has to Tell You/Build a World of Love (T. Callier) 8:55

Released on TERRY CALLIER - TIMEPEACE - Verve/Forecast 314 537 317

Pharoah does not play on the other tracks

CD  - THE LAST POETS - TIME HAS COME, Brooklyn, Greenpoint Studios, 1997

Don "Babatunde" Eaton dr
Abiodun Oyewole voc
Umar Bin Hassan voc
Bill Laswell arr, prod
D.X.T. voc, kalimba
Aiyb Dieng perc, conga, gong, bells, talking dr, chatan
Pharoah Sanders ts, bottle
Pharoah Davis voc
Andre Zachery voc
Jamal Whatley voc
Khalil Muhammad Hassan voc
Chuck D voc

1. King Is Home (Babatunde) 1:36
2. Kings of Pain (Last Poets [1]) 6:18
3. Time Has Come (Abiodun) 4:17
4. Trapped (Abiodun/Last Poets [1]/Showard) 5:02
5. Panther (Dieng/Last Poets [1]) 5:03
6. Down to Now (Abiodun/Last Poets [1]/Piper/Ridenhour) 4:25
7. For the Millions (Abiodun) 5:06
8. Silence of the Jams (Last Poets [1]) 5:23
9. Do You Feel Good? (Abiodun) 2:53
10. Hollow Wood (Last Poets [1]) 3:00
11. King Is Home (Babatunde) 1:23

Released as THE LAST POETS - TIME HAS COME - Mouth Almighty 534467

CHAKRA - THE SEVEN CENTERS, Greenpoint Studio, NYC, 1997

Spoken word:

Sarita Choudry
Willem Dafoe
Sharon Gannan
Umar Bin Hassan
David Life
Dechen Thurman


Pharoah Sanders ts
Nicky Skopelitis g
Bill Laswell bass, treatments
Trilok Gurtu perc
Jah Wobble b on #2
Jeff Bova synth on#2

1.Manipura Chakra (Sanders/Skopelitis/Laswell/Gurtu) 16:03
2.Anahata Chakra (Sanders/Skopelitis/Wobble/Laswell/Bova/Gurtu) 7:20

Other 5 titles without Pharoah

Issued on CHAKRA - THE SEVEN CENTERS - Meta Records MT-001

TISZIJI MUNOZ - RIVER OF BLOOD, Rashied Ali's Survival Studio in Soho, NYC, 10.03.1997

Tisziji Munoz g, kbd synth, shenai
Rashied Ali dr, perc
John Hicks p
Don Pate b
Pharoah Sanders ts

1.The Joy of Good Spirit (Munoz) 4:02

Sanders does not play on other 7 tracks, the saxophonist there is Dave Liebman

Issued on TISZIJI MUNOZ - RIVER OF BLOOD - Anami Music AM010

Kiefer Arena, New Orleans, 25.04.1997, Santana + Pharoah Sanders



TISZIJI MUNOZ - PRESENT WITHOUT A TRACE, Rashied Ali's Survival Studio in Soho, NYC, 11.10.1997

Tisziji Munoz g, kbd synth
Rashied Ali dr, perc
Bernie Senensky p
Don Pate b
Pharoah Sanders ts

1.The Dance od the Visionaries (Munoz) 6:56

Pharoah doesn't play on 6 other tracks on this recording


TISZIJI MUNOZ - SPIRIT WORLD FEATURING PHAROAH SANDERS, Rashied Ali's Survival Studio in Soho, NYC, 03.11.1997

Tisziji Munoz g, kbd synth, bells, voc
Rashied Ali dr, perc
Bernie Senensky p
Don Pate dr
Pharoah Sanders ts, voc

1.Sound of Sounds (Munoz) 0:25
2.Spirit-World Contemplation (Munoz) 21:45
3.Harmonic Heaven (Munoz) 5:19
4.The Final Words (Munoz) 11:39
5.Dance the Feeling of Love (Munoz) 6:43
6.Thank You All Great Spirits (Munoz) 10:54
7.Purification By Fire (Munoz) 10:05
8.Sing Sweet Songs of Peace (Munoz) 3:08
9.Blues for Planet Mirth (Munoz) 11:00
10.Live ti Give Heart-Love (Munoz) 4:08



Pharoah Sanders discography 1998

CD  -  RANDY WESTON - KHEPERA, Avatar Studios, NYC, 23-25.02.1998

Randy Weston p
Alex Blake b 1-3, 5-9
Victor Lewis dr 1-3, 5, 7-9
Chief Bey voc, Ashiko dr 1-3, 5-9
Neil Clark congas, djimbe, african perc, gong, shekere 1-3, 5, 7-9
Talib Kibwe as 1-3, 5, 7-9
Benny Powell tb 1-3, 5, 7-9
Pharoah Sanders ts, ss 1-3, 5, 7-9
Min Xiao Fen pipa 4, 7
Melba Liston arr 2, 3, 5-9

1.Creation (Weston) 3:58
2.Anu Anu (Weston) 8:31
3.The Shrine (Weston) 11:50
4.The Shang (Weston/Min Xiao Fen) 7:50
5.Prayer Blues (Weston) 6:23
6.Boram Xam Xam (Weston) 4:22
7.Portrait of Cheikh Anta Diop (Weston) 8:56
8.Niger Mambo (Bobby Benson) 6:31
9.Mystery of Love (Guy Warren) 9:40

Released as RANDY WESTON - KHEPERA - Verve 314 557 821-2

CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS - SAVE OUR CHILDRENOrange Music, West Orange, NJ, 1998

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, double reed, bells, perc, voice
William Henderson p, harmonium
Bernie Worrell organ, elp, synth
Tony Cedras harmonium
Jeff Bova synth, programming
Alex Blake b
Zakir Hussain tablas, wooden box, mbira, voice
Trilok Gurtu dr, tablas, perc
Abdou Mboup talking dr, voice
Abiodun Oyewole voice
Asante voice

1.Save Our Children (Sanders/Oyewole/Mboup) 7:51
2.Midnight in Berkeley Square (Sherwin/Maschwitz) 9:17
3.Jewels of Love (Sanders) 14:00
4.Kazuko (Sanders) 10:15
5.The Ancient Sounds (Sanders) 10:51
6.Far-Off Sand (Hussain/Sanders) 9:09

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - SAVE OUR CHILDREN - Verve 557 297-2

There is also a maxi single with the Bill Laswell remixes from this album called simply PHAROAH SANDERS - THE REMIXES (BY BILL LASWELL) released most probably on German Verve (no labelled)

Seite 1:
Save Our Children (Sanders/Oyewole/Mboup) 5:52

Seite 2:
Jewels of Love (Sanders) 4:54
Midnight in Berkeley Square (Sherwin-Maschwitz) 4:39


22.05.1998, Poznan Jazz Fair, Aula Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznan, Poland


CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS/ADAM RUDOLPH/HAMID DRAKE - SPIRITS 04.07.1998, Montreal, Theatre Maisoneure,

Pharoah Sanders: Tenor Saxaphone, Vocal, Wood Flutes, Hindehoo
Adam Rudolph: Handrumset (Congas, Djembe, Udud Drum, Talking Drum,Thumb Piano, Bendir), Bamboo Flute, Overtone Singing, Gong, Percussion
Hamid Drake: Vocal, Trap Drums, Frame Drums

1.Sunrise (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 19:18
2.Morning in Soweto (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 5:00
3.The Thousand Petalled Lotus (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 7:00
4.I and Thou (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 2:05
5.Uma Lake (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 3:14
6.Ancient Peoples (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 7:35
7.Calling To The Luminous Beings (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 5:54
8.Roundhouse (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 2:28
9.Molimo (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 2:44
10.Sunset (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 5:05


Here's the listing of the full concert:

1.Sunrise (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 20:05
2.Molimo part one (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 0:52
3.Intro to Morning in Soweto (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 8:39
4.Morning in Soweto (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 5:00
5.The Thousand Petalled Lotus (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 7:22
6.I and Thou (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 2:05
7.Uma Lake (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 3:14
8.Ancient Peoples (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 7:35
9.Calling To The Luminous Beings (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 5:54
10.Roundhouse (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 2:42
11.Sunset (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 6:13
12.Molimo (Sanders-Rudolph-Drake) 2:44

The audience tape fades by 12 at 2:16
Some applause at the end of the last tracks has been cut on the official release (therefore the differences in timings). On "Spirits" there is no "Molimo part one" and the intro to "Morning in Soweto "comparing to the original tape. Nr 12 from the concert is nr 9 on the "Spirits" release. "Sunrise" on the official release begins from fade a little bit later than on the concert tape. And, of course - the official release is a soundboard realease of best quality - the tape is an audience tape.


16.09.1998, Knitting Factory, NYC


Pharoah Sanders discography 1999

27.06.1999 Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Sala Kongresowa, Warszawa, Poland

Pharoah Sanders ts, voc
William Henderson p
Jean Paul Bourelly g
Trilok Gurtu perc, dr, voc
Alex Blake b

1.Announcement 1:51
2.Welcome (Coltrane) 14:49
3.Ole (Coltrane) 50:00
4.Unidentified 15:17
5.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thomas) + Final announcement 10:34
6.Interview with Pharoah 2:52

Pharoah in Warsaw, June 1999


Knitting Factory, NYC, Alex Blake Quintet, 6.12.1999

Alex Blake b
Pharoah Sanders ts
Chris Hunter as
John Hicks p
Victor Jones dr
Neil Clark perc

1 On the Spot (Blake) 11:47
2 Intro - Neil Clark 2:53
3 The Chief (Blake) 12:36
4 Little Help Solo (Blake-Lennon-McCartney) 6:02
5 Intro - Alex Blake 1:27
6 Now Is the Time (Blake) 9:51
7 Mystery of Love (Blake) 9:22


17, 18 December, Riverside Studio, Chicago, Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio with Pharoah Sanders

1. Ka-Real (Take 2) (Joseph Bowie)12:35
2. Africanos/Latinos (El Zabar-Sandoval) 9:49
3. Miles' Mode (Coltrane) 7:19
4. Autumn Leaves (Cosma-Mercer-Prevert) 11:23
5. Africa N'da Blues (ElZabar) 7:30
6. Pharoah's Song (ElZabar) 11:38
7. Ka-Real (Take 1) (Joseph Bowie) 10:44

Kahil El'Zabar dr, perc
Ari Brown p, ts, ss
Malachi Favors b
Pharoah Sanders ts

Susana Sandoval spoken word on 2


SEARCHING FOR JIMI HENDRIX - The Right Stuff, 1999, USA, Cassandra Wilson + Pharoah Sanders

Cassandra Wilson voc
Pharoah Sanders voc
rest unknown

1.Angel (Hendrix) 5:57

On SEARCHING FOR JIMI HENDRIX - The Right Stuff 72438-59782-2-7

Pharoah does not appear on the other tracks

Pharoah Sanders discography 2000

23 SKIDOO - 23 SKIDOO Roninscope at Precinct 23, Cottonbelly Studios, NYC, early 2000, 23 Skidoo

1.Kendang (J.Turnbull-A.Turnbull-Catlin-Martin) 7:43
2.Dawning (J.Turnbull-A.Turnbull-Catlin-Martin) 6:08

23 Skidoo:

Johnny Turnbull
Alex Turnbull
Fritz Catlin

guest musicians:

Pharoah Sanders ts
Anne Stephenson vln 1
Gini Ball vln 1
Claire Orsler viola 1
Dinah Beamish cello 1
Paban Das Baul dobki, komok, ektara 1
Tai foetal heartbeat

Like "Kendang', 'Dawning' spectacularly showcases the jazy, impassioned saxophone of Pharoah Sanders, veteran of the 60s New Thing, indeed one of the last active links with that incendiary era. Persuading Sanders to do so was a coup in itself. "He was in London and we went to meet him - we thought he wasn't into it, but it turned out that we were being stalled by one his agents," explains Alex. 'He'd actually been up for it; he'd waited in his hotel for us. So we met up with him in New York and recorded the two tracks over three hours. He's a legend on one hand, but as far as he's concerned himself, he's a gigging musician. He's just stuck with his music and got better at it, it's a really inspiring thing.'

Other tracks on this CD without Pharoah

Released on 23 SKIDOO - 23 SKIDOO - Virgin/Ronin CDV2912 7243 8 49412 22

Pharoah Sanders discography 2001

CD  - GIGI - GIGI Orange Music Studio, West Orange, NJ + Garage Sale Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw voc
Dereje Mekonnen org, elp, synth
Tony Cedras acc
Herbie Hancock elp, clavinet, synth
Amina Claudine Myers org, elp
Abegasu Shiota elp, synth
Wayne Shorter ss
Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, bells
Graham Haynes crn, flh
Henry Threadgill as, fl
Art Baron tb
Mark Taylor frh
Nicky Skopelitis 6- and 12-strings g
David Gilmore g
Zakki Jewad g
Bill Laswell bg, synth
Thomas Gobena b
Hamid Drake dr, tabla, congas, doff
Karsh Kale dr, tabla, synth
Mikias Abebayehu dr, congas
Aiyb Dieng chatan, congas, perc
Abdou Mboup congas, talking drum, djembe, perc
Setegne Satenaw masinko
Melaku Gelaw kerare
Imani Uzuri back voc
Tigist Shibbaw back voc
Hebest Tirunehe back voc
Dawit Melesse back voc
Abonesh Adenew back voc
Mizanekritos Yohannes back voc

1.Gud Fella (E.Shibabaw) 5:35
2.Mengedegna (E.Shibabaw) 5:23
3.Tew Ante Sew (E.Shibabaw) 4:20
4.Abay (E.Shibabaw) 5:18
5.Bale Washintu (E.Shibabaw, Dejene, Bekel & Sinke Asefa) 5:35
6.Guramayle (E.Shibabaw) 4:27
7.Sew Argen (E.Shibabaw) 5:16
8.Aynama (E.Shibabaw) 5:05
9.Kahn (E.Shibabaw) 3:47
10.Zomaye (E.Shibabaw) 4:00
11.Abet Wubet (E.Shibabaw) 4:06
12.Adwa (E.Shibabaw) 5:02

Produced and arranged by Bill Laswell

Horns arr. by Henry Threadgill

Released as GIGI - GIGI - Palm Pictures PALMCD 2068-2

13.03, Yoshi's, Oakland, CA

Pharoah at Yoshi's, Oakland, CA, march 13th, 2001.

1.Villa (Lehar) 10:54
2.Colors (Sanders-Thomas) 6:19
3.My Favorite Things (Hammerstein-Rodgers) 29:57
4.Unidentified 11:49
5.Blues 16:19

6.Welcome (Coltrane) 12:07
7.A Love Supreme (Coltrane) 21:35
8.Doktor Pitt (Sanders) 25:37
9.Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Van Heusen-Burke) 14:50

Pharoah Sanders discography 2002

META COLLECTION CD, exact date and place unknown

Pharoah Sanders ts
Bill Laswell b, samples
Laraaji electric zither
Nicky Skopelitis elg

1.Samadhi State (edit)(Laswell/Sanders/Laraaji/Skopelitis) 6:42

Released as track 5 on the META COLLECTION CD - Meta MT-014

30.10.2002, Paris, New Morning

Pharoah Sanders reeds, voc
Jean Paul Bourelly g, voc
Matt Garrison b
William Calhoun dr, electronics

Pharoah in New Morning, Paris, end of October, 2002

Pharoah Sanders discography 2003


Pharoah Sanders ts, fl
Trilok Gurtu tabla, voice
Graham Haynes crn, electronics
Nicky Skopelitis g, el sitar
Jeff Bova kbds
dr Jean-Louis Zink heartbeats
Bill Laswell b, fl, kbds

1.Across Time 17:06
2.Morning Tala 7:45
3.Alankara (Beats of the Heart) 8:58
4.Gamako 15:52

Recorded probably between 1999 and 2001, in 2002 the sound of a heartbeat was added


CD  - PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - The Creator Has A Master Plan

Pharoah Sanders tenor sax,
William Henderson piano,
Ira Coleman bass,
Joe Farnsworth drums.

1. I want to talk about you (b. Eckstine) 7:13
2. Moon Rays (H. Silver) 7:19
3. Tokio Blues (P. Sanders) 13:07
4. Greatest love of all (M. Masser) 6:26
5. The Creator Has A Master Plan (P. Sanders) 8:59
6. Welcome (J. Coltrane) 11:14
7. Tina (P. Sanders) 6:17
8. It's easy to remember (R. Rogers) 4:59

Recorded at Wonder Station in Tokio on April 23, 2003.

Issued as PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - The Creator Has A Master Plan on Venus Records TKCV-35321 cd august 2003

24.10.2003, Paris, New Morning Pharoah Sanders Acoustic Band Feat. William Henderson

Pharoah Sanders - saxophone ténor
William Henderson - piano
Matt Garrison - contrebasse
John Betsch - batterie

Set 1:
1.Welcome (Coltrane) 18:08
2.On a Misty Night (Dameron) 25:09
3.Naima (Coltrane) 8:53
4.High Life (Sanders) 3:38

Set 2:
1.The Greatest Love of All (Creed-Masser) 7:09
2.My Favorite Things (Rodgers-Hammerstein) 35:32
3.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thomas) 7:51

Private tape

Pharoah in New Morning, Paris, end of October, 2003

Pharoah Sanders discography 2004

Meditation take 1 & 2 : Pharoah Sanders Selections. Two other best of.

Selection take 1
1. Greeting To Saud
2. Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah
3. Mansion Worlds
4. Gathering
5. Morning Prayer
6. Thembi
7. Memories Of Lee Morgan
8. Colors
Issued on Universal Japan, July 20, 2004

Selection take 2
1. Shukuru
2. Rejoice
3. Pharomba
4. Origin
5. Naima
6. Sun Song
7. Think About the One
8. Midnight at Yoshi's
9. You Got to Have Freedom
10. Heart Is a Melody of Time
11. Light at the Edge of the World
Issued on Universal Japan # july 2004

Not to be confused with the bootleg Meditation

1.Sweet [The Creator Has A Master Plan] (Sanders-Connors) 52:06
Jazz File 1007


1. Gwotet - 12:14 *
2. O' Léonso - 7:57
3. Ouagadougou - 12:30 *
4. La Jwa - 10:04 *
5. Djolla Feeling - 9:24
6. Go to Jazz - 4:26
7. Ovwa - 5:34
8. Gwotet [Radio Edit] - 6:22 *
Mixed at Studio Victor, Montreal, Canada (oct 2003)
Issued on Justin Time JUST200-2 cd June 2004 - Catalog Number: 068944020027

concert - PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTET - Jazz in Marciac 2004

  1.   It's easy to remember (Rogers)  11:35
  2.   Body and soul (Johnny Green)    10:53
  3.   Greatest love of all (Masser)      07:35
  4.   Lazy bird (John Coltrane)            13:23
  5.   Moon rays (Horace Silver)          11:44
  6.   The creator has a master plan (P. Sanders) 07:03
Marciac - 5 aout 2004

Pharoah Sanders discography 2005

CD  - WILL CALHOUN - Native Lands

01     Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) 9:17
02     Pyramids (Will Calhoun, Kevin Eubanks, Wallace Roney) 5:40
03     Naked (Will Calhoun) 6:40
04     Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter) Will Calhoun 9:31
05     Ancient One First Born (Will Calhoun) 0:25
06     Tateich (Will Calhoun) 4:12
07     Umoja (Will Calhoun) 7:20
08     Emanation (Will Calhoun) 2:55
09     She (Will Calhoun) 1:49
10     Three Card Molly (Elvin Jones) 6:09
11     Push (Will Calhoun, Stanley Jordan) 4:16
12     Dorita (Will Calhoun) 5:50
13     East (Will Calhoun, Mos Def) 2:41
14     Native Lands (Will Calhoun,Naná Vasconcelos) 6:03
15     Echoes of Elvin (Will Calhoun) 1:16
01     Bonus Material (Will Calhoun)   01:14:04

Release date June 28, 2005

Marcelo Munari Engineer
Fran Flannery Mixing
Laurie Flannery Mastering
Steve Vaccariello Cover Photo
Francesca Pfeffer Photography
Quincy Troupe Liner Notes
Jeff Levenson Executive Producer
Steven Bensusan Executive Producer

2005 Native Lands Half Note Records 4524 CD
2009 Native Lands Enja 0091682EJH CD & DVD

Pharoah Sanders discography 2006

KENNY GARRETT - Beyond the Wall

3,4,5 with Nedelka Echols (vocals)
5       with Dawn Caveness, Arlene Lewis, Genea Martin, Geovanti Steward, Kevin Wheatley (vocals)
7       with Dawn Caveness, Nedelka Echols, Arlene Lewis, Genea Martin, Geovanti Steward, Kevin Wheatley (vocals)

1.     Calling
2.     Beyond The Wall
3.     Qing Wen
4.     Realization (Marching Towards The Light)
5.     Kiss To The Skies
6.     Now
7.     Gwoka
Right Track Recording, NYC, February 19-21, 2006
Nonesuch 7559-79933-2

Pharoah Sanders discography 2008

CD   -  KENNY GARRETT - Sketches of MD - Live At The Iridium Featuring Pharoah Sanders

1.     The Ring
2.     Intro To Africa
3.     Sketches Of MD
4.     Wayne's Thang
5.     Happy People
The Iridium, Broadway, NY, released September 22, 2008
Mack Avenue MAC1042

Pharoah Sanders discography 2011

Concert  - Pharoah Sanders at the Jazz Cafe London on April 17, 2011.

  • Pharoah Sanders - tenor sax
  • William Henderson - piano
  • Miles Danso - basse,
  • Antoine Banville - drums

    In the rousing finale of this spirited performance, Pharoah Sanders puts down his tenor saxophone and sings over a bubbly calypso beat. His ocean-deep baritone voice is not dissimilar to that of the great Joe Williams, but he uses it sparingly, delivering just a few choruses before starting to dance in a manner that recalls Nelson Mandela's trademark two-step. He then eases his 67-year-old frame into a earty slow-mo twist. This is possibly not what was expected of an artist commonly perceived as an avant-garde firestarter in the mould of Albert Ayler, and a committed disciple of the final phase of John Coltrane's career in the mid-60s.

    Pharoah Sanders discography 2013

    Concert  - Pharoah Sanders at the Iowa City Jazz Festival on July 7, 2013.

        To conclude the Iowa City Jazz Festival on July 7, 2013.
        Audio engineered by Dan Towey and video production by Rich Rauch for Jazz 88.3 KCCK.

    Concert  - Pharoah Sanders & The Underground at the Jazz Festival, Frankfurt
    October 26th, 2013

  • Rob Mazurek - Cornet, electronics
  • Chad Taylor - Drums, mbira (from the Chicago Underground collective)
  • Pharoah Sanders - Tenor saxophone, voice
  • Guilhermo Granada - Keyboard, samplers, voice
  • Mauricio Takara - Percussion, cavaquinho, electronics (from Sao Paulo Underground)
  • Matthew Lux - Electro-bass

    Pharoah Sanders discography 2014

    CD  - Pharoah & The Underground - Spiral Mercury

    1 Gna Toom
    2 Spiral Mercury
    3 Blue Sparks From Her
    4 Asasumamchn
    5 Pigeon
    6 Jagoda's Dream
    7 The Ghost Zoo

    Sunday, 11 Aug 2013, 21:30 - Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre. This encounter happened as the final act of the 2013 edition of
    the most important jazz festival in Portugal, Jazz em Agosto, and this is the live recording of that unique event.

    Issued on Clean Feed - CF301CD, 2014, Portugal

    lp - Pharoah & The Underground - Primative Jupiter

    A1 - Spiral Mercury   9:00
    A2 - Primative Jupiter   10:39
    B1 - This Ones For All Mothers   12:49
    B2 - Asasumamchn   4:10
    same as above
    Issued on Clean Feed - CF300LP, 2014, Portugal

    Concert  - Pharoah Sanders with the Chicago Underground-Duo Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor stabilized
    Saturday, Oct 18, 2014, Chicago

          Pharoah Sanders with The Chicago Underground Duo live at the "HotHouse - Old and New Dreams Festival" in Chicago.
          Saturday, Oct 18, 2014 8:00 PM The Promontory, Chicago, IL
          This show produced by and was a fundraising event for Marguerite Horberg's non-profit Hothouse.
          The festival was held at the awesome new Chicago venue called The Promontory, located in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

    Pharoah Sanders discography 2015

    Concert  - PHAROAH SANDERS at Dizzy's club Coca-Cola
    Friday - Sunday, January 29 - February 1 2015

    John Coltrane described Pharoah Sanders as "a man of large spiritual reservoir, always trying to reach out to truth."
    A legendary tenor saxophonist, Sanders is a veteran of Coltrane's unforgettable free-jazz groups of the mid-1960s.
    In the decades after his first recordings with Coltrane, Sanders developed the capability of playing convincingly
    in a variety of contexts, from free to mainstream, and as a mature artist he has discovered a hard-edged lyricism that has served him well.

    Concert  - PHAROAH SANDERS at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn. may 6th 2015

    © Photos by Greg Cristman

    «   The story here is really about Mr. Sanders and his broad appeal. His involvement toward the end of Coltrane's band meant an involvement in jazz as free expression and folk music, rather than virtuosity and formalism. There are a lot of people out there who wish that more of jazz were like that. He's a musician who represents more than the notes he plays. He stands for the late '60s, but also for a generous and open way of expressing and sharing music. You hear it in his broad sound and his raspy long-tones and chaotic spirals of improvising between chords: seriousness, awareness.
    From the feeling in the room, you'd think that this gig was very special or that Mr. Sanders rarely plays in New York.
    Neither was the case. He played in January at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola and at the Blue Note last September.
    And he wasn't with his regular first-call New York band.
    Aside from William Henderson, his usual pianist, he had the bassist Juini Booth and the drummer Greg Bandy, veteran New York musicians who have worked with Mr. Sanders off and on over the decades. (Mr. Booth played with him on Larry Young's "Lawrence of Newark" (1973). Mr. Bandy played regularly with Mr. Sanders in the late '70s and '80s.)
    So it was a casual gig with expected repertory - a slowly simmering, gospel-like opening into some Coltrane (a bit of "Welcome") some standards (including "Body and Soul", with the singer Tony Hewitt as a guest), and some vamp-based Sanders originals, including the singalong "Save Our Children" with Mr. Sanders leading the chorus and enacting a slow, arm-swinging dance. The band carried out the mood of the music in the right way but by general standards kept the proceedings low-key. It wasn't out to startle. »
      By BEN RATLIFF may 8, 2015 © New York Times

    Pharoah Sanders discography 2016

    Concert  - PHAROAH SANDERS Quartet at The New Morning, Paris France. july 12th 2016

    Concert  - PHAROAH SANDERS Quartet at The Summer Jazz Academy, Lodz Poland. july 14th 2016

    Pharoah Sanders discography 2017

    CD  - CHARNETT MOFFETT - Music from our soul

    Charnett Moffettacoustic and electric bass
    Pharoah Sanderstenor sax tracks 1, 7, 13
    Stanley Jordanguitar tracks 1, 2, 4, 5-10, 12, 13
    keyboards tracks 1, 7, 13
    Cyrus Chestnutkeyboards tracks 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
    Jeff "Tain" Wattsdrums tracks 1, 2, 7-10, 12, 13
    Victor Lewisdrums tracks 3, 5
    Mike Clarkdrums tracks 4, 6

    01Music from our soul * 3:56
    02Freedom 5:20
    03Mood indigo 7:05
    04So what 3:40
    05Come and play 5:09
    06Love in the galaxies 3:39
    07We are here to play * 4:08
    08Mediterranean 4:58
    09For those who know 5:30
    10Just need love 6:55
    11Celestial dimensions 1:02
    12Sound world suite 2:53
    13Freedom swing * 5:27
    14Love for the people encore 0:30
    Total time : 1:00:12

        For his 30th Anniversary as a recording artist, Charnett Moffett delivers a far-reaching set of his distinctly original jazz featuring an all-star cast of long-time collaborators from his distinguished career.

    Release date : may 19, 2017 - Motema 227
    © 2017 Charnett Moffett under license to Motema Music

    Concert  - PHAROAH SANDERS at Nuits Sonores | 23-28 mai 2017 | Lyon France

    Featuring William Henderson, Oli Hayhurst & Gene Calderazzo
    Infos pratiques Nuit 3 Vendredi 26 mai Halle C 23h50-00h45
    Practical infos   Nuit 3 Friday     26 May Hall C 11:50pm-00:45

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    ..Pharoah Sanders